Tekla Structures 2016, 2017 Fshare, G Drive Free Download

The new Tekla Structures 2017 student version available for download.  Students working with Tekla Structures just got easier and quicker!  Tekla Structures 2017 includes a customizable user interface, contextual toolbar and enhancements that make modeling quicker and easier and design communication more effective. New links improve interoperability.  There is now more control to Direct modification, Organizer is faster and general arrangement and detailed drawings functionalities have been improved.  The user interface now has a customizable ribbon and contextual toolbar that can be implemented to all users in your company. The 2017 version is all about improving efficiency and productivity throughout the project lifecycle.  Let’s dive into more of these new features.

More Productive Modeling:  Creating accurate and intelligent BIM models with Tekla Structures has always been quick and easy, however, we have improved many of the tools, for example:

  • With Direct Modification, users are able to modify certain model objects by simply dragging handles, with 2017 you know have more control.  You can restrict handle movement to a selected part plane.
  • The speed for which you access information within the Organizer has been enhanced.  The Organizer has always been the place to access all model information including IFC information.  Construction Managers use this tool often to view and report on key properties of parts & groups of parts, such as quantities for estimations, or purchasing.  With 2017, we increased the speed in which this information is available.  Getting you what you need quickly and efficiently.
  • The improved Inquire Tool, allows you to click on any part within the model and quickly access information about its attributes.
  • The Contextual Toolbar has been updated, making UDA’s easily available at your fingertips.
  • Wall and Floor Layout now enable faster concrete wall modeling with easy editing for openings.

More efficient collaboration with architects:  We have enhanced many features allowing for a smoother workflow between engineers and architects.

  • With Basepoint, coordinates are consistent, correct and common, and best of all, models can be combined effortlessly.  Engineers and architects or other design disciplines can enjoy a collaborative BIM workflow.  Watch this video to learn more.​
  • Detect design changes more effectiviely.  We know changes are inevitable, with Tekla Structures 2017, you now have more control over seeing these changes.  Filter & focus efficiently, don’t waste time reviewing all changes.  Learn more about this new feature Detect Design Changes more Effectively
  • Smoother IFC Workflow.  With 2017, you can now convert IFC components to Wall and Floor layouts.
  • Grasshopper Link.  With 2017, live algorithmic modeling using Grasshopper/Rhino is now possible.

More Effective Design Communication:  Producing accurate GA drawings with Tekla Structures 2017 is now more efficient and the drawings communicate the design more clearly.

  • Improved sketch and drawing features save time: adding the required but not modelled information to drawings is easy.
  • The 2D Library boosts productivity by replacing repetitive work. You can create regularly used 2D drawing objects from parts, texts, DWG files and more, then insert in the drawings.

Enhancements in drawings: We have made many enhancements to the General Arrangement Drawings.  With 2017, you can:

  • Save time and quickly add information to drawings with improved sketching and drawing features
  • Creating plans and construction drawings with hatching is easier and more productive
  • Snapshots in the model provide information that supports project communication and verifies details and dimensions.
  • Overlaying the snapshots in drawings makes seeing changes between revisions easy.
  • Those who model steel platework save time with automatic generation of weld preparation details and unfolded bent plate drawings, including bend line, radius, and angle information.


  • TeklaStructure2017 SP2
  • TeklaStructure2017 SP6
  • TeklaStructure2016 (pass: www.downloadly.ir)